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Creating a Wellness Culture

Inspire a culture of wellness.

What does wellness currently look like at your organization? Is wellness an isolated experience, a hope for the future, an option to seek outside of work hours, accessible to all? I am challenging companies to rethink their approaches to wellness and explore how creating a culture of wellness within the daily functions of business can become a seamless part of company life. We will work together and design a customized program that develops a culture of wellness, helping your employees live and work healthier and happier. A culture of wellness will support employee morale, reduces absenteeism, develop team bonding and connection, improve creativity and boosts positivity – which are essential in reducing workplace stress and enhancing quality of life at work and beyond.

Do we need to wear yoga pants? NO

While the primary elements of my business include practices taught in yoga, no yoga clothes or postures will be required! (although they are always an optional add-on!) My vision for workplace programs is the application of taking ELEMENTS of the yoga mindset and practices outside of the studio to create daily habits and routines that foster wellness. These may include mindful approaches to goal setting, breathing practices that diffuse tension and stress, visualization tactics that inspire focus and creativity and of course movements that reduce the affects of repetitive daily work and stress - but all can be done in any setting and any type of clothing.