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What does wellness currently look like at your organization? Is wellness an isolated experience, a hope for the future, an option to seek outside of work hours, accessible to all? I am challenging companies to rethink their approaches to wellness and explore how creating a culture of wellness within the daily functions of business can become a seamless part of company life. We will work together and design a customized program that develops a culture of wellness, promoting habits and an attitude of wellbeing that extends from work into all parts of your employees lives. The results of integrating wellness into the workplace are: improved employee morale, reduced absenteeism, the development of team bonding, improved creativity and a positive shift in the overall attitude of your team. Built on a foundation of wellness, employees are empowered to solve problems, manage stress and increase their quality of life.

Do we need to wear yoga pants? NO

While the primary elements of my business include practices taught in yoga, no yoga clothes or postures will be required in the workplace. My vision for workplace programs is the application of taking ELEMENTS of the yoga mindset and mindful lifestyle practices outside of the studio and into the workplace; off the yoga mat and into boardrooms and office spaces. I have designed this program because I recognized that my studio clients were sharing the ways they were using our weekly lessons at their places of business; including breathing techniques, stretches and goal setting strategies. The corporate program is therefor made up of modifications of my weekly lessons that can be done in any setting and used strategically throughout the day, without special clothing or equipment necessary. I want my clients to see how the practice of yoga and meditation is most useful, when we let go of the boundaries of our mats and bridge the practices into all aspects of daily life… this is how we shift into a true culture of wellness, at work and beyond.

What exactly happens if there are no yoga mats or meditation cushions to use?

The impact of creating daily habits and routines that foster wellness off the mat and into life is great! As we release the need for a yoga mat, the willingness for all employees to utilize the practices broadens. Instead of hearing employees argue that they aren’t flexible and find reasons they “can’t” do yoga, we bring the practices into every environment where we “can” do yoga… This requires much more of a flexible mindset than a flexible body! Off the mat practices inspired by yoga, may include:

  • Developing a Team Mindset that

  • Mindful approaches to goal setting.

  • Breathing practices that diffuse tension and stress.

  • Visualization tactics that inspire focus and creativity.

  • Yoga inspired stretches and unique movements that reduce the affects of repetitive tasks, improve posture, increase energy, and are effective for relieving body aches and stress. (all can be done in any setting and any type of clothing).

  • Reviewing office spaces and learning how to use the natural elements - fire, earth, air and water - may promote spaces that work for inspiring creativity, diffusing heated conversations, enhancing productivity and more. I don’t want to give away all my strategies, but rethinking workspaces can make a HUGE impact and is an area of consulting that I am passionate about. Together we can shift the “energy” to create smart work spaces that work for you!

Can we do yoga and meditate too?

Of course! I love yoga and feel that the best way to really impact lifestyle changes and influence employees is to practice regularly at a studio. My studio is in a retreat like setting that fosters wellbeing and a sense of “getting away”, however just minutes from Warren PA and Jamestown NY. I provide 3 options for bringing traditional yoga and meditation to your employees:

  1. I host off site experiences at my studio. There are several possibilities for this option including:

    • Employee group class discounts. You may select a plan where your employees attend group or private classes at my studio at a reduced rate.

    • I offer A serene setting for Events and Small Group Hosted Retreats or Off Site Meetings. I have a beautiful walking meditation space outdoors as well as tables and supplies to provide luncheon and break space for wellness centered meetings where can step away from the office for an uninterrupted session of work at the studio with wellness breaks integrated, as an option.

    • A weekly private group class for your employees - my space, my props, your group! This may be an early morning, lunch hour or evening session that offers your group a team oriented experience off-site.

  2. I will teach you a variety of poses and train leaders throughout your company to lead movement breaks at the workplace.

  3. I will help you design a space for wellness breaks, if that is desired, and even assist you in finding a great local teacher who might work with you on a regular basis for on site yoga.


Corporate Wellness Tip of the Week:

It’s Wellness Wednesday with a 5-Minute Break for alleviating Tension during your workday. Each posture can be done from a chair. I recommend about 5-8 breaths per pose. TIP: Focus on Breathing more slowly than normal- Begin with a very long slow EXHALE followed by an inhale that feels “bright” or “open”. Just notice how this affects you. All Postures have been reviewed in weekly classes, for more on these visit my studio @elements.rising or ask your favorite yoga teacher for assistance!

Learn these and more solutions for everyday wellness by stopping into the studio and keep posted every Wednesday for tips taken directly from my corporate wellness programs. http://elements4yoga.com/workplace-wellness

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