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July 15-21

Summer 2019

Class Schedule

Monday - 4:30 - 5:15pm - Short and Sweet

Monday - 6:00 - 7:15 PM - UNWIND & Align

Tuesday - 9 - 10:15 AM - Awaken & Align

Wednesday - 4:30 - 5:15 PM - Short and Sweet

Wednesday - 6 - 7:15PM - Essential Evening Yoga

Thursday- 9-10:15AM - Awaken & Align

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This week:

Stability and Support in our balancing poses and meditation when we utilize the support of mula bandha, our root lock, located in the region of the pelvic floor.


The Pelvis and Hips

Notice the points that we focused on in classes last week and this coming week. The hips attach to the sides of the pelvis. These are synovial joints, we are noticing and focusing on mobility and lubrication in our practices. Notice the two bones with a loop look at the base of the pelvis - these are ischial tuberosities (what we commonly refer to as our ‘sits bones’.) Towards the back of this photo and center, you will see where the pelvic bone attaches to the sacrum. This “joint” is the SI joint - touch your thumbs here on each side - you can find it by the dimple appearance often present. Back to the sacrum - this is the flat bone in our very low back, just about where the crack of your bottom begins and moving upward, this bone strengthens and stabilizes the pelvis, it is ironically shaped like a shield. Beneath the sacrum is the coccyx or tailbone, a triangular structure at the base of the spine. Notice the difference in class between a heavy sensation where the tailbone drops, versus a tailbone that tucks under. We can explore this standing, seated and reclined. For home practice, consider exploring the pelvic tilts as taught in class & also creating movement in the hips (circles, abuction, adduction, flexion, extension) while keeping the pelvis neutral. EXPLORE! Then come to class with observations or questions, I’m excited to hear about how these feed your practice.


Neutral Pelvis.

While the above picture is of someone on a saddle, we can see how the illustration demonstrates a neutral pelvis. Visualize your pelvis as a bowl of water and notice what happens when we overexaggerate and “tuck our tail”, draw the belly in too far scooping the pubic bone upward, tighten our rears or round the upper back. As you do these actions the action of the pelvis is supination and we lose our low back’s natural soft curve in the lumbar spine. Now move into an opposite action - where we pronate in the spine, turning the tailbone up like a super happy puppy (you can even try wagging your tailbone ;) Here, we have hyper-lordosis in the low back, too much low back curve. The spilling of our invisible bowl dumps forward. Notice how your energy feels in these exaggerated states. Do you feel balanced? Now bring your pelvis to neutral. We are ready to balance and move with stability from this place of healthy pelvic alignment.