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Parents or Educators of children's yoga students:

I am passionate about supporting families and educators on their journeys to more healthy, focused and peaceful children!  With education and experience in both Early Childhood Education and Yoga, I bring both knowledge and experience to every children's yoga class!  Parents and Educators are always encouraged to participate in any class and gain inspiration for extending the lessons into their homes and classrooms.  After most classes I will post a re-cap in a blog format for you to access and possibly repeat the story or practices at leisure.   Here is a Link to some of my past class posts:  Off Your Child's Mat  Please contact me to schedule private family sessions, join a kids class or events at my studio or your location for Scouts, Birthday Parties, Classrooms, or a Family Fun Night!  

Breathe.   Move.  & Just 

BE a Kid!


Private Family / Child Classes:

Private classes for families are personalized to address the needs, goals and interests of your child.  We can host the session, or may come to you and bring the healing benefits of yoga into your home.  Nadine, is an experienced early childhood educator and children's yoga teacher, with experience working with various types of physical, emotional and learning related challenges.  Prior to your first session and throughout follow up sessions, parents are encouraged to reach out with specific concerns and questions so that a customized approach to family and child wellness is experienced.  Yoga helps parents and children of all ages bond, feel good inside, stay healthy and improve focus and concentration! 

$50 - First Session / Consultation (includes take-home recommendations)     $25 - per session thereafter.    

Family Bundle:  3 sessions Bundle - Includes Consultation and long family session AND 2 Follow up sessions for $100.   

Family Yoga Private Session

This price is valid for a family to privately experience yoga together in a 35-45 minute session.  

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Family Happy Hour:

1st Sunday of Each Month, 4:30 - 5:30 pm   

Adult(s) must remain present (this is a family event)  & will provide skills and inspiration to take into your homes!   $15 / family / night.  Suggested Ages: 5-10  (but please feel welcome to use your own best judgement!)

  • November 5th
  • December 3rd
  • January 6th
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    Please share children's ages and anything special that may help me get to know more about your family's yoga goals.
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    I calm my body.
    Breathing Out,
    I smile.

    Dwelling in the Present Moment,
    I know this is a
    wonderful moment.
    — Thich Nhat Hahn