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Out of the Jungle and Into Your Home! ~ Week 3

     This week we explored yoga’s ethical practice of Not-Stealing (Asteya) through a storytelling experience using The Great Kapok Tree, by Lynn Cherry.  We began the tale of deforestation, with a man who has been hired to come to the rainforest and chop the giant Kapok trees.  As the man lies down under one of the trees and falls asleep, he is visited by several of the creatures of the rainforest.  We moved with each visitor, who shares their piece of this story and the effects that stealing from their ecosystem would have!  When the man finally awakens, he is surrounded by the animals of the story and beauty of the rainforest, and walks way leaving the great Kapok tree unharmed.  

    While we don’t live near a rainforest and most of us don't have a direct experience with life there, we can all appreciate the need to not steal from our environments and protect the earth and it’s creatures!  Here are a few ideas to open up conversations about conservation and bring Jungle fun & environmental lessons off your child's yoga mat, out of storybooks and into your home:

  • Listen:  Download and play along with the song: “Joggin’ through the Jungle” (kiddingaroundyoga.com
  • Play:  Enjoy a game of Yogi Says (Our version of Simon Says) with postures like: Tree, Monkey, Snake, Frog, Flower, Bird & More!  
  • Learn:  Ask your child to teach you Bumblebee Breath (Brahmari).  Can you feel and hear the inner vibration as you hum?  This breathing practice calms our nerves and opens our sinuses!
  • ReUse: Color on the backs of school pages and papers that come home or cut these into note paper.
  • Recycle: If you don’t already recycle at home, involve your child in collecting bins and starting a small family recycling center!  
  • Explore:  Walk into a local forest or park!  How many habitats can you find that the forest home creates for local creatures!  Rest under a tree and look up, seeing the forest from a different perspective
  • Challenge:  Have you ever heard of a Monkey Mind?  What do you think this is?  Do you have a monkey mind?  If so, how can we learn to tame Our Monkey Minds?