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Courage & Adventure with Kids! Week Two, 2017

   As you engage in yoga at home with your child this week (and always), come to your mats with a playful and accepting attitude.  The most important outcome is that you both have fun!  If you encourage your child to retell a story or make up a new yoga adventure to act out together, please remember that accuracy and refinement of the postures are irrelevant! The intention is simply to create positive feelings, a few minutes of creative & healthy movement and in an ideal world an ending moment of relaxation (hint: ask your child to take you with them to their secret garden).  If any or all of this doesn't happen, it's OK.  As we release adult expectations and embody a sense of letting go of control or hopeful outcomes, we can create more opportunities for an explosion of imagination and adventure.    

    This week our class yoga adventure, took us to a deserted island as we began class with an Egyptian epic, The Shipwrecked Sailor.  The children moved through the storytelling experience with postures including: tree, warrior, snake, star, dog, monkey & boat.  The tale describes a sailor who becomes afraid because he is shipwrecked on a deserted island, where he meets a snake who teaches him to look inside his heart for courage!  We looked into our hearts and found qualities that each of us also possess and turned these into affirmations:  "I am brave!"  "I am silly!"  Next, we paired these feelings with postures such as:  "I am strong... like a warrior"  "I am playful... like a fish."   Perhaps encourage your child to retell the story or make up their own yoga story for you this week!  

Finally, I encourage you to be mindful of the experience and how much time you expect to play, noticing when there is a shift of interest or energy that tells you it's time to wrap things up while they are still going well!  This will help with keep only positive vibes around your family yoga fun!

Notes for further Learning / Reference and Thanks!  

Story: The Shipwrecked Sailor, Adapted from: Sydney Solis, Storytime Yoga

Song: A Yogi Went to Sea! From: Kidding Around Yoga    You can download this song on iTunes or at www.kiddingaroundyoga.com  

Breathing:  Ocean Breath!  Did you ever notice that if you listen closely the sound of your breath sounds like ocean waves?  Close your eyes, breathe in the salty sea air through your nose and listen to what you hear?  Inhale "ah" sound & Exhale hearing the "ha" sound.