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I hope that you find these resources helpful in supporting your personal sadhana, home practice, of yoga, breath and mediation.  This page will be updated regularly and is intended to provide recommended books, apps, outside training and links to class handouts.  

Please see weekly blog posts (Off Your Mat & Off Your Child's Mat)  in the upper left corner for weekly reflections from class!   I welcome feedback and questions!  This type of open sharing is how we all grow deeper!  ~ Namaste!


Yoga students:

My personal Sankalpa (Intention) for 2017 is to help you bring your yoga practice out of the studio space and into your home and everyday life!  I will try to post weekly encouragements on the group Facebook page and my blog found here: Off Your Mat

Links to Files and Resources Below.

Password for students is: iloveyoga

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Recommended Reading:

  • The Yamas & NiYamas, By Deborah Adele
  • 30 Essential Yoga Poses, by Judith Lasater
  • Light on Life, B.K.S. Iyengar
  • The Yoga of Breath, A Step by Step Guide to Pranayama, By Richard Rosen

Recommended  Websites / Resources:

  • To watch videos and see pictures that describe in detail yoga postures and breathing:  Yoga Journal




Elements Meditation Journeys  

Elements offers corporate groups and private students stress reduction techniques and mindfulness practices that can be customized to the individual or corporate needs of the clients.  
Below is a sample of some goals and intentions that students may expect from developing a meditation and mindfulness practice: 

  • Learn the benefits of meditation. 
  • Identify a personal ‘bridge’ to meditation. 
  • Identify common obstacles & find out how to lean into these obstacles and manage any barriers that arise! 
  • Learn methods for how to sit comfortably. 
  • Be exposed to various types of meditations as a means to exploring which method(s) are a best “fit” to the individual’s personality and needs. 
  • Be assisted in setting up a personal place to meditate and developing a daily practice. 
  • Have the opportunity to join the circle in a weekly guided meditation. 
  • Receive daily support and Inspiration (for at least the first 40 days) via insight timer & a Facebook group pag "

Access A Meditation Log PDF File Here

Access 6 Week Meditation Agenda PDF Here

To access the virtual component of this course, I recommend you request to join the group:  Elements Meditation Journey found at  Insight Timer or Facebook Group Page



Coming Late Summer / Fall2017.  Join a list now to participte & Check back soon for dates & links.  

My passion and training on the priestess path has guided me to begin a women's circle that will bring support, sisterhood, time for sharing and cooperative learning and the art of ritual to the lives of anyone called to explore this path.



parents or Educators of children's yoga students:

I am passionate about supporting families and educators on their journeys to more healthy, focused and peaceful children!  With education and experience in both Early Childhood Education and Yoga, I bring both knowledge and experience to every children's yoga class!  Parents and Educators are always encouraged to participate in any class and gain inspiration for extending the lessons into their homes and classrooms.  After most classes I will post a re-cap in a blog format for you to access and possibly repeat the story or practices at leisure.   Here is a Link to some of my past class posts:  Off Your Child's Mat  Please contact me to schedule events at my studio or your location for Scouts, Birthday Parties, Classrooms, or a Family Fun Night!  

Many of the songs and games that I teach can be purchased from:  Kidding Around Yoga

Recommended Reading:

  • Good Night Yoga, Mariam Gates
  • You are a Lion!, Taeeun Yoo 
  • My Daddy is a Pretzel, Baron Baptiste
  • Sophia's Jungle Adventure, by Giselle Shardlow

Kids Gear and Videos:





Breathing In,
I calm my body.
Breathing Out,
I smile.

Dwelling in the Present Moment,
I know this is a
wonderful moment.
— Thich Nhat Hahn