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Yoga - Storm Warnings!

Seriously. Yoga is great. Life is good. AND sometimes yoga is uncomfortable and life is messy. I love to hear your positive feedback about class, but it is also refreshing to hear your challenges. The media completely distorts the reality of how yoga May look and feel & don’t even get me started on what is authentic! The message this week (and forever) is that if you have a difficult class and want to talk about it, I welcome you to share it. I may be able to help you notice what some possible causes of your discomfort were... did you leave yoga with a headache, nausea, anger or emotions overflowing. To be truthful... I also may simply not know. If it’s chronic or severe, you should always check in with your physician and see if a condition or medication could be the root of the dis-ease your feeling. And somedays, it may just be dis-ease moving through your body. We open ourselves up and become very vulnerable on the mat. Observe. Learn. Avoid Reacting. Reasond Gently. 
But honestly...
It’s just not always sunshine and rainbows on the mat! Often, the work we do on our mats is deep and hard, and sometimes not what we hoped for or expected to learn. I get this, because I’m with you! The challenge is to show up anyway, because YOU deserve it and we all have shit we are working on. AND finally, just know that at my studio, we don’t cover it up with sparkles or pair it with cupcakes (well not usually), but I’m hear for you. It is a long process. Email or shoot me a text if something comes up that leaves you in dis-ease or a damn mess and I will try to support your process! I want you to embrace and support all the uniqueness of how it is to be YOU and to also recognize that the weather is always changing. 🌈🌪☔️🌚