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Letting Go! Aparigraha - Week 5

What are you afraid of losing?  As you grip your toes to your yoga mat, hold your beliefs on a sign above your head, or shut yourself down to a new idea that a colleague suggested?  Consider what you are holding so tightly that the fear of letting go, has limited your ability to open up to the richness that a diverse and full experience of life holds!  Aparigraha is the Yogic Practice that relates to greed and possessiveness...   

How are you feeling, at this point in the reflection?  Thoughts of greed, attachment and shutting down to different people and viewpoints, may elicit a sense of contraction and rigidity.  How does contraction feel in your body?  Is your breath moving or are you feeling it sticking somewhere?  Listen and feel your body's tendencies with curiosity and notice how they reflect your state of mind.  Before reading on, pause in reflection, with the image your body and breath as the mirrors of your mind....  

Becoming contracted may be indicative of a fear of letting go, for if you loosen your grip even slightly you may lose something you believe deeply in or you may even find yourself lost.  Getting lost certainly is never planned and usually isn't easy, but it can lead to grand unforgettable journeys!  What if Letting Go, and even Getting Lost, led you to discovering hidden beauty within something you believed was awful?  You didn't even realize such richness existed, had it not been for the decision to let go.   

You are invited now, to take the first step to become open to a this new (mean) teacher as they deliver you a lesson.  Form a clear imagine of this person, situation or belief in your mind.  Next, try to find any small experience of gratitude from within that plaguing image, a positive quality or characteristic, even if it feels superficial.  Sit with this recognition, and see if any more positive images come up.  Can you find as many as 3 lessons or qualities to recognize in this adversary or challenge?   

Gratitude is a powerful approach to casting a light on the dark presences in our lives.  With each thought of gratitude, a sense of lightness shines from your heart and opens you up to areas of your own life that had been closed down.  With this practice, energy begins to flow more freely and you begin to feel an overall sense of lightness.  We begin to see unrecognized parallels in our lives and free up our energy as we bring feelings of gratitude to perceived darkness.  As we open up to the idea of transforming the way we see a difficulty, a great opportunity to transform our lives opens up and our enemies and hardships may become our greatest teachers.  In this way, how we view our world and what we believed separated us, is transformed.  This practice, can also expand the simple recitation of "Namaste" into a deep act of loving kindness, where we truly open our hearts and honor the divine likeness that we share, recognizing with clarity that the light within us is certainly hiding within everyone and everything we encounter.

Yours on this journey, as together we Breathe, Move and BE,

~ Nadine