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Ahimsa - Week 1 - 2017

Yoga's practice of Dhyana, Meditation, carries a calling to present moment awareness.  This week, I invite you to consider noticing how you respond to yourself in the here and now.  Next, observe from the lens of Ahimsa or Non-Violence.  All week, I reminded students that the very first teaching of yoga is Ahimsa... I like to think of it as the "golden rule" where 1st we do no harm.  When we really take this to a fundamental level, we first do no harm to OURSELVES!  That is where we arrive at a place where the magic of our practice begins!  When we are kinder to ourselves, maybe through affirmations, self-care routines or just noticing and reducing our tendency for negative self talk; then we may see a huge shift in the way we experience life!  Through this practice we may also find the circle of energy that we hold is one of more compassion for others, more gentle on our environment and of course first and foremost, we find loving kindness and acceptance for ourselves!

Mindfulness Practice for this week:  What does your self-talk sound like?  As you become more conscious of this, notice what you are telling yourself.  Is your self-talk kind and gentle or filled with shame, disappointment and discouragements.  Try to practice ahimsa by becoming more gentle with yourself.  If you miss a practice, or your thoughts wander, open your heart with acceptance and the same understanding mindset that you would offer a friend, student or loved one!  

Mantra:  Lokah Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu - "May all beings, in all rhelms, experience feelings of peacefulness and ease."   

Mantra Option 2: (My favorite, with thanks to "Kidding Around Yoga")  Peace Begins With Me!