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Wise Use of Energy / Brahmacharya - Week 4 - 2017

   Recognizing and honoring the fluctuations of energy we experience in relation to the Moon, is accepting an invitation to live in a state of balanced energy, where we are more mindful of our natural cycles.  We can use a lunar calendar as a timeline for evolving projects and working more naturally with our body rhythms.  As we begin listening to the inner call from our spirits and bodies, we may begin to recognize more efficient and healthier ways to use our energy throughout the month.  By following the 28 day cycle of the Moon (with my favorite moon calendar: We'Moon), I have also found more acceptance of my personal energy shifts and fluctuations in productivity.  This has allowed me to plan around the lunar cycles as a guide for how I am honoring my natural state of energy rather, than resisting what my body and mind are calling for.   Through this practice, I am developing a practical way to apply the Yogic teaching of Brahmacharya, or Wise Use of Energy, both on and off my mat!

  For the past several months, I have made an intention to observe the energy levels of those around me and how they align with the energy of the Moon.  For instance, leading up to last week's new Moon many of us felt a deeper pull to turn inward and a need to become more reflective.  This was honored during our Yoga classes with Moon Salutations (Chandra Namaskar), greater time in meditation and through restorative Yoga!  For women, this can be experienced as the time of menstruation.  If you spend a lot of time in nature and begin tracking the Moon's cycles, you might find that you naturally fall into this cycle.  We can honor that time by slowing down our physical bodies and creating space to listen inward; here we are more receptive to experiences of deep intuition in the time of the New Moon.  Now, as the Moon begins to grow each night, we may find our energy levels increasing and more outwardly directed.   On our mats, we will experience more energizing practices with a challenge to hold postures longer, which demands greater energy, strength and stamina.   From a body cycle perspective, the full Moon is then the time of greatest fertility.  As the Moon grows, we may notice feeling more outgoing, assertive and full of vitality!  As we enter the full Moon on our mats, we will experience heart openers, encouraging us to accept what we have grown and experienced.  We open ourselves to learning from this experience and then we let go and turn inward yet again for a time to assess and reflect.

  I invite you to examine how to use the energy of lunar rhythms when planning and executing life projects, goals and business ventures.   Consider a goal or project in your personal or professional life.  As you move through the time of the moon waning from full to new, begin to turn inward and become more contemplative; assessing, planning and reflecting without taking action.   Then on the New Moon, set an intention, from a place where you have mindfully prepared and are ready to  grow!  By using this module, before taking action, you may notice a tendency to become more thoughtful before jumping into a project or saying "yes" to an obligation, because you have taken the time of the waning moon, 14 days, to allow ideas and thoughts to ripen before giving birth to a new endeavor or accepting a call to action.  Allow the time of the New Moon, to recharge your energy and clarify your vision for how to direct our energy in the coming month.  Then, as the moon is waxing toward Full, it becomes time for action from a place of wisdom.  You can direct your energy into the actions that best support the intention or goal you have identified.  The hope is that these intentions peak into fruition at full Moon and burst to life! 

 I encourage you to become a moon-gazer!   Consider working with the practice of Brahmacharya, Wise Use of Energy, by charting your own moon cycles and maybe consider some "moon-bathing" to recharge and align your energy!  As you spend more time physically present with the moon and directing your energies to fall into rhythm with the lunar cycles, may you uncover a way of living that is more mindfully balanced on all levels!   

Rough Sketch for Example of a Moon Cycle & Energy Flow

Rough Sketch for Example of a Moon Cycle & Energy Flow